What the future holds is unseen.

Jan 8th. It’s right around the corner. It will be 3 years since I began my relationship with my husband.

It has had it’s hard moments, but mainly filled with lots of love.

I don’t really know why this popped into my head today but it did.

There are things that I miss I guess.

-Dates that he planned, spontaneity, butterflies…

It’s hard when your married because I feel like they kind of lose that spark at wanting to court you

and surprise you with little corny notes and dates. 

I read my old notes all the time and my heart gets all mushy gushy inside. 

I miss that a lot I wish he understood. 



Ugh. I want you so bad.

I feel like I’m so ready to be a mommy, it sucks seeing all these women around me 

conceiving and having babies, honestly I cry sometimes about it.

I know obviously if it was the right time God would have planted you in my tummy.

I just have to be patient and wait until its in His perfect timing.

Man that’s hard sometimes. 

I already love you future baby even though you are not yet created. ❤





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